Monday, February 4, 2008

“…To give you an expected end.” Jer. 29:11

The days have gone by quickly and the hours faster still…all flowing into weeks and here we are. There are many details but through it all there are enumerable thanks for all who have been along with us these months. February marks our fifth month in Puerto Rico No day nor hour have we not felt the hand of God upon us and your prayers encouraging us that, all is well… The Christmas and holiday season lingered long into January. Here on the island there are several other holidays celebrated during the season.

For each aspect of being here, we have been so refreshed by the preparation of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those we have come into contact with. The “Wheel” of God turns effortlessly and from a Finish Work prospective that is what He leads us into when we adventure into the perfect “Will” of God for our lives. So by His grace we are rolling along. We anticipated using a local Christian school for our services but after much review, we concluded that it was best for the present to keep looking out. However, I was asked to provide the chapel services for the school. To that I happily said, “yes and Fridays will be fine.” The response has been so great that the owner/chief administrator of the school has been inviting available parents to come to chapel. Cynthia will be reviewing a program for after school maybe a choir/music classes, a Christian book club, Awana or varied activities.

With some searching and organization with Brent Hillenga and Kim & Ed Murphy we were able to put together the thoughts and dates for having several open forums at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez. The first one was held on January 22. I anticipated a small group but the intensity of the time together was for me historic. The students attending were either engineering majors or had been. And from their interest in the presentation it was evident that they are all seeking answers. They are available to assist with the next forum to have a greater number of students attend. Several of our children assisted with giving out invitations on campus.

We are now preparing for the winter harvest group…Pastor Scibelli, Pastor Kevin Cooper and their wives, Linda and Nikki; Latascha and company. We know God will bless the time and expect great additions to the Body here. We had our first Church service at our new location; in the new dining room of a restaurant (Lighthouse Hotel’s)…and it was great… With His patience and your prayers we are marching on… God has so much in store for us here; I am so thankful for the investment and fellowship of our Body.

"Titi"(Auntie) Margarita with Avrynn (Evelyn's aunt, she made the dress for Avrynn)