Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mud Slides and Remote Places!

If our blog has "types" of entries, this would be "update":

Julian spoke with me for a few minutes (which is a treat when he's in Haiti).  He had been saying that it is REALLY HOT--and coming from him, that's serious (it has been hot next door in Puerto Rico as well, but I can at least depend on a fan and ice).  There were heavy rains last night that flooded MUD into the church/mission house, around the corner and down the stairs.  There is 2 1/2 feet of mudslide backing into the front of the building/gate.  Forgot to ask whether this means they are barricaded(?)

Last trip, some students shared that when they did evangelism in a nearby town, 55 new converts prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.  The visitors from Baltimore and Florida who are coming this week are planning to bring a heavy duty tarp.  What do you do when you get that response?  Put up a tarp and start "church"!

This coming week, they are planning many visits, including more prison visits in Haiti.  The prisons are very heartbreaking.  Only one meal a day is provided; other food must come from family, if they come.  Thirty men might be crowded into a room so small that they take turns lying down!  Some of the prisoners are boys of just 12 and 13 years.  There are women as well and their quarters are just as heartbreaking.  The prison will allow them to bring a speaker and preach so all can hear.

They also plan to visit an affiliate church in a remote area.  So remote that once have traveled as far as is possible by vehicle or motorcycle, you need to walk another 45 minutes!

Since I have no photos of all of the above, I'll share a silly memory from yesterday in Puerto Rico.  It is safe to say that we could use to get a vehicle in good working order.  Pictured is Julian's "guagua" for misc. lawn work.  It is faithful....and a gas guzzler.  Our "family" vehicle was recently diagnosed with terminal disease, so my lady friends and I had planned to caravan to a women's fellowship time yesterday.  BOTH of their vehicles had problems yesterday, so we decided to employ the "guagua".  Contrary to Julian's many warnings not to park her downhill....she didn't have enough gas, so....that gas tank had a broken spout, so we found some funnels, but the angle was still not good, so we found that pipe!!  Took three of us!!  I also locked my keys in the beloved "guagua" angels must be having fun watching over me!!