Sunday, May 5, 2013

How Does One Prepare for Haiti?

Haiti.  How does one prepare for Haiti?  We truly know nothing as we ought to.  We are told that no man knows the mind of God except the Spirit of God.  I go to Haiti not knowing what I’ll find this time, but what’s true is that I’ll find available hearts and hunger on many levels.  Nothing really qualifies you for Haiti.  But, like with every other call of God, He will be faithful to His purpose and to the people that, by grace, He’s reaching.

          We are having a recognition program for those who have been in the Bible College and extending preacher’s licenses.  It is an understatement to say that they have been diligent.  I think of several students who come from 5-6 hours away.  Thinking of this milestone, they are thankful to Pastor Bill Cannon and Cheryl gave their lives to see them succeed.  Young people and the blessing they always express as members of the Body come to visit.  I too am humbled by the support and encouragement we receive from the body of Christ, working from Puerto Rico as I endeavor to assist in the transition in Haiti.

          Continue to pray for the students, my family, the travel and the team God will raise up to take the work.

          On this trip, we will be blessed to have GGWO Missions Director, Pastor Steven Scibelli, Pastor Chris McFarland from Florida, Chris Mitchell from upstate New York, Mike Walker from Florida, and others from Baltimore.  There will be a mini-conference/convention in St. Marc with approximately 300 people expected from several congregations, as they go through the affiliation process.