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Pastor Julian Matthew and Cynthia are graduates of Maryland Bible College and Seminary in Baltimore, MD. During their time in Baltimore (from 1990 through 2005), they were actively involved in evangelism through inner-city youth Bible club, teen ministry, and nursing home visitation. By way of their involvement in vocal groups, they had the opportunity to visit affiliated ministries overseas. Beginning in 1997, they assisted with the church planting outreach to York, PA, a one-hour commute from Baltimore. As the Assistant Pastor to Pastor Duke Horton, Pastor Julian and family commuted for evangelism, Bible studies, and church services for eight years. Two years prior to moving to Puerto Rico, they relocated their family to York, Pennsylvania.

In 2005, after planning and saving for an initial trip to the Caribbean (along with some members of the York church), they learned of a sizable short-term missions trip to Puerto Rico being planned for the spring of 2006. With a strong conviction for team and Corporate Body effort, they not only joined 50-strong in the spring missions trip with Pastor Scibbelli, Director of Missions for Greater Grace World Outreach, but also prayed and found the further definition that Puerto Rico would indeed be a strategic “hub” for outreach into other parts of the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, the team found welcome response to the clear sound of the Gospel and the Finished Work of Jesus Christ.  They have been serving as church planters/missionaries in western Puerto Rico since 2007, initially planting a small bi-lingual church in Cabo Rojo and later extending their ministry through the Union Church of Mayagüez.  The congregations recently combined in Mayagüez.  For more than a decade prior to moving to PR, they have believed the Lord would someday use them to spread the gospel, evangelize and teach in the Caribbean.
In 2010, Pastor Julian took his first short-term missions trip to Haiti.  His childhood language of “Kweole”, from St. Lucia, is nearly identical to that of Haitians.  His first trip was prior to the devastating earthquake and his second soon afterward.  Understanding the pre-earthquake conditions made grasping the devastation daunting.  He made multiple trips in the years following and grew to bond especially with the precious ministry and work of Pastor Bill Cannon and his wife Cheryl, and the precious people of impacted through his GGWO Bible college courses and church fellowship.  Following his second trip to Dominican Republic and Haiti for 2013, Pastor Bill Cannon was called home to eternity.  Pastor Julian has been taking frequent trips to St. Marc, Haiti since Pastor Cannon's passing to aid the continuation of the church and Bible college courses being offered.

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