Friday, November 4, 2016

Matthew After Matthew
A Resounding Thanks:

From the mountains of Verrettes (Dinere) to the shores of St. Marc and across the country of Haiti, all are saying thanks; and with tears there is awe for your response to the need in this hour (after Hurricane Matthew)…  In the south of Haiti relief is arriving but with broken bridges and the rise of cholera there are great concerns.  It will be some time before we see the rebuilding of this part of the country because the immediate, medical and physical needs of the people there are so great.  The monies, first aid/hygienic items, clothes, food, replacement coverings and housing you provided or assisted with are overshadowed only by the overwhelming hope and encouragement you have built in the hearts of the Haitian people, the churches and ourselves here in the Puerto Rico/Caribbean mission field. 

In Port au Prince, we were able to assist two families with needed supplies, replacement of their roof and financial assistance.

In Jeremie, we sent across medical supplies/first aid items and financial assistance to family relatives of the Haute St. Marc church.  There five members of the family died in Hurricane Matthew and in another household the father sustained triple breaks in his arm.

In Dinere, (Mountains of Verrettes – a poverty stricken region) where the high winds destroyed several homes, we were able to send medical/first aid supplies, hygienic products, clothes, financial aid and a 30’x50’ tarp to replace the palm/banana leaf roof covering of this growing church.  From May – Sept. 107 people were added to the congregation and 12 new believers got baptized in early October.  Requests for assistance for building a basic structure for church services and local activities continue for this newest addition to the church affiliation in Haiti.  It takes appx. 8 hours to get to Dinere:  1 – 1 ½ hours on a motorcycle taxi and 6 ½ - 7 hrs. of walking thereafter (only other option to walking is renting a mule or donkey).  There are no electric lines or telephone towers there so it took several days before we were informed of their condition.

Dinere, Mountains of Verrettes

In St. Marc, we assisted a family in the church to move into a new home.  They lived on the banks of a river, which overflows in the rainy season.  When rain and other dangerous weather patterns are expected no one sleeps for fear of being driven down the river.  We ministered with regular assistance of clothing, food, school tuition (no govt.-sponsored/free pre-k to high school education).  Through personal invitations and evangelism the church is growing.  Saturday, October 15 three believers were baptized. Follow-ups continued to recent visitors and church members and home visits to the shut-in and elderly.

 Side of house closest to river bank

Front of house (two families)
New home, freshly painted... 

Baptism, Bay of St. Marc, October 15, 2016

Shut-in visit to Elderly (Ms. Coulange)

Cape Haitien Church, Pastor Sylvain Dalus

This is the day the Lord has made let us Rejoice & be Glad in it!...

Colossians enumerates the wonder, manifestation and fulfillment of the greatest mystery known to man:  that we would be the tabernacle, the temple of the living God.  Our hope is central to this understanding and experience; that the Holy Spirit now indwells the believer.  In your giving financially and materially; in your words of encouragement and love you are testifying to this mystery.  You have and continually are making the greatest investment in souls for whom Jesus died…  Our anticipation and revelation resonate against this question King David of old asked in Psalms 8:4 – “What is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you would visit him?”  Value is appraised for a thing by what we are willing to sacrifice for it… Well, God so loved us He gave His Son for us (John 3:16).  You, reflecting this love, have given sacrificially that everyone would come to know and experience the mystery of the character and nature of God in us.

If you are interested in continuing to help with the work in Haiti -- those we have assisted with Hurricane Matthew related recovery; with our general, continuing, work there and/or support us monthly here in Puerto Rico – send your support to our missions headquarters:

Greater Grace World Outreach
Attn: Missions Office
6025 Moravia Park Drive
Baltimore Maryland
(Please indicate in the memo section of your checks our name/designation, i.e. Haiti Relief, Puerto Rico Mission, etc.) – all tax deductible. 

We can also be reached by phone, not international: 787-560-5414 or 787-504-8707. 

144 Villa Las Violetas
Barrio Miradero
Mayaguez, PR 00682

Again thanks to all who assisted, including Women of the Wall, Rincon/Puerto Rico.

For Bible College classes and potentially a visit to two ministries, I will be traveling to Haiti November 8th-15th.  Pastor Ken Feyers and other church members of Florida will be joining us in Haiti. 

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